Traditional De Luxe Wall 2 Lights Alpha Silver

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2 lights Alpha – W 40 x H 25 cm, 1 kg

The Bohemia crystal chandeliers are unique because unlike glass, the crystal has a regular crystal structure, which is why it reflects light in an inimitable way, with arcuate shades. Anyone who has observed such wonderful lighting can make the difference – a more beautiful light than the light of a crystal chandelier would only have a diamond chandelier.
Discover our selection of traditional Bohemian crystal chandeliers in various sizes, shapes and colours.

Traditional De Luxe Wall 2 Lights Alpha created by Czech glass masters who took care of the highest quality and precise finish. Traditional crystal chandeliers are basic type of chandeliers design because they have rich ornamentation and decoration that will bring brilliant radiance into living rooms and public spaces and that can be a fitting accessory for the interior. We manufacture the traditional crystal chandeliers in the Czech Republic. In their production only first-class, they use highest quality materials (30% lead crystal and high-quality brass and metal finish).

  • quality Czech product
  • quality crystal and brass
  • hand-manufactured
  • 2 lights

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