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When placing an order online, you may use the following payment methods:


A worldwide leader in payment services, PayPal maximises online sales conversions by giving global buyers localised payment options. The shopping process is very simple from the customer's perspective. A customer, selects a product from the Web site, then advances to the checkout portion of the process. Once you click on 'CONFIRM ORDER', you will be redirected to make the payment. At this point, a customer advances to an SSL-encrypted order page, which guarantees the security of their personal and payment information. Once the customer enters and submits the information, PayPal's processes immediately query the customer's bank. The processes verify that the information submitted is correct, and that the funds required for the sale are available. If the information is inaccurate, or funds are not available, the sale will be declined and the customer notified as to the reason (if an appropriate code is provided by the bank involved). If, however, the information is correct and funds are available, the customer is returned to the Bohemia Original Web site. Additionally, a sales confirmation email is sent to to the customer, alerting to the completion of the sale.

Customers can be confused as to authorisations that remain on their account, even if PayPal has declined the order for fraud reasons. This is a temporary hold on funds and will be automatically reversed with no action required by either Sellers's Web site (, the customer or PayPal. Only actual fund settlements require any type of cancellation or refund action.

Please confirm your wire transfer by e-mail ([email protected]). Please include all bank taxes of Your bank in your payment.

BANK: Raiffeisenbank, Praha, Czech Republic

ACCOUNT no. 307341002/5500


IBAN: CZ9355000000000307341002

ACCOUNT HOLDER: Angelina Vasileva

Business ID: 05842638

We guarantee that every transaction you make at will be safe. This means you pay nothing if unauthorized charges are made to your credit card as a result of shopping at All Payments are subject to Reverse Funds.

Bohemia Original uses the industry's leading security technology to ensure that your order will be safe and secure. We will use commercially reasonable efforts to protect your information, continue to assess new technology for protecting information, and when appropriate, upgrade our information security systems.