Chandeliers, Lamps, Wall Lights, Bohemia Crystal, Unique Crystal glass Figures care

All crystalline products are cleaned with soap and lukewarm water. Chandeliers can be wiped with a soft cloth. Aggressive detergents should not be used. Crystal products are not dishwasher safe, whether decorated or not.

Jewellery Care

Take care of your jewellery to get the most out of it.

Here are a few Tips for long-lasting Jewellery:

•    Gently rub gold and silver jewellery with a soft, clean cloth to maximise the shine.

•    Jewellery set with gems can be brought to life by careful cleaning with a soft brush and soapy water, or with a proprietary jewellery cleaning solution. 

•   Don’t use abrasive cleaners on jewellery.

•    You can use silver ‘dip’ type cleaners on most silver jewellery – but rinse and dry them thoroughly. Don’t use silver ‘dip’ type cleaning solutions on gold jewellery, only special jewellery cleaners.

•    Keep jewellery carefully stored and separated – not jumbled together in a draw. Keep chains fastened so that they don’t get tangled up.

General care

Jewellery is delicate so it’s important to take care with it:

•    Take your jewellery off if you’re involved in any activity which could knock or damage it

•    Take it off when you go to bed

•    Keep it well away from chemicals, especially chlorine. If it does come into contact with chemicals, rinse it in water immediately

•    Bathe and apply any lotions or perfumes before you put your jewellery on which can particularly damage stones like pearls or opals

•    Store it separately, ideally in a soft-lined box or case, so that your favorite pieces don’t tangle, rub or scratch one another.